Post-Puerto Viejo Slump

I’ve been dreading writing a blog. Not that I haven’t missed you terribly, and I know you’ve missed me.

If you’re just joining us here, here’s what happened.

First I decided to stay and psyched myself up.

My bus journey to Puerto Viejo.

My first day and I’m already holding sloths.

Let’s try to forget this post happened.

Oh… and then I may have temporarily misplaced a sloth.

My Experiment with Bridgette the Ocelot.

Banana Sludge Treatment. 

The one with all the cute monkey pictures. 

Zoey’s Book Report Ending.

What can compete with adorable pictures of sloths and baby monkeys? Certainly not pictures of me stuffing my face with cookie dough at the beach, or my bratty cats who won’t leave my side since I’ve returned. I doubt even pictures of me at trampoline world getting beaten at dodge ball by 10 year olds would be sufficient. All I’ve heard since my return was how much everyone loved the sloth posts and how amazingly, ridiculously adorable the baby spider monkey was, blah blah blah, I get it!

Finally I thought of something that was better than those photos.       Videos.

So here they are, some poorly shot videos I took on my iPhone while inside the Jaguar Rescue Center, and on a monkey picnic in the forest. Enjoy. See you in another few weeks when I can come up with something just as entertaining. Maybe I’ll train my cats to do some spectacular trick. Or Scout falling asleep mid meal.


One thought on “Post-Puerto Viejo Slump

  1. I have missed you. I’m just glad we don’t have smell-o-vision. So many babies, so much cleanup! Very cute videos.

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