I had this crazy, ridiculous dream the other night that I bought general admission tickets to Mumford & Sons, we met the mayor of Hoboken, ended up backstage, playing ping-pong, watching the show from the stage wings; you were there, so was Jake Gyllenhaal, oh! and Emma Watson, too!

This was no dream. Real life, holy crap – I can’t believe it happened!  Here’s how it went down.

First, I did some hopeful research on how to get backstage at a concert. The internet had some pretty good suggestions: know the names of artists and who may be with them, look like you know what you’re doing, look busy and pissed off, make friends with a security guard, find a roadie handing out “After Show” passes to pretty ladies, be a caterer bringing food, create your own credentials, and always look confident like you are supposed to be there.

It was mostly just fun to plan out our attack, like planning how you would enter the Met after hours and play hide-and-seek. But realistically, I thought it was just a pipe-dream. Even so, once inside the gates of Pier A in Hoboken, I tried flirting with the merchandise table, the security guards, the photographers, I was flipping my hair and batting my eyes at anyone who looked important. None it worked, so Liz and I gave up, and had a new mission to have the best view of the stage, while still being close enough, but not so crowded that people were touching us. We’re very picky concert-watchers, I know.

So while Liz goes off the find the bathroom, I’m standing wide, hands on my hips, trying to make myself look as big as possible so no one will take Liz’s standing room, I get a text from her:

Completely on accident, Liz wandered backstage while trying to find the Portapotties. Luckily, all I had to do was walk past the guard at the gate, who didn’t even notice me. If I hadn’t of gotten through, I’m pretty sure she would have left me to fend for myself with the crowds. Though, come to think of it… I probably would have done the same. Every Band-Aid for themselves!!! 

So now we’re backstage, sitting at craft services, drinking free beers and acting like we work here or something. Still deciding where we should actually watch the show from, we chatted with other people who had backstage access, played ping-pong, took not-so-sly pictures of Marcus, and non-chalantly stared at Jake Gyllenhaal who was there hanging out with the band.

Jake Gyllenhaal with Ben Lovett

Marcus Mumford

When it came time for Mumford to take the stage, we figured we’d try our luck and attempt to walk up on the stage with the rest of the VIPs. Unlucky, we got stopped by the guard who wouldn’t let us up. Luckily, we had just talked to a girl who was already up there who I convinced to give a head-nod that we were with her.

Easy as pie, we were now on the stage, 15 feet away from the band, 10 feet away from Jake, in our own private wing of the stage to watch the entire show from. Not dreaming! It was an awesome show, I love when a band is even better live than recorded, and they played every great song.

Afterwards we even got a picture with one of the ‘Sons’ who was super nice and thought we were pretty cool to have snuck in to see them. (I made that part up). When the giant yacht came to pick everyone up at the end of the night, we figured our luck had run out and didn’t even attempt to join Emma Watson on the boat.

Pretty, fantastically, awesome, good night though, Liz and I have been saying “remember when we got backstage at the Mumford and Sons concert” every ten minutes since then, not at all annoying any of our friends who weren’t there.

I’m never sitting with non-VIPs at a show again. 🙂

xo ZZ


10 thoughts on “Backstage

  1. Sounds like a hoot and a holler! This was a good story. As an avid concert-goer’ I can say that this is all excellent advice. For some reason the guys giving out passes to all the pretty ladies never look my way. I must rely on my subtlety and espionage to get in. I’ll have to tell you about my trip to Allgood fest.

  2. Awesome! You should have told him you know me and then slap him for smoking. I told him I would if I ever saw him smoking.

  3. ohmygod. i cant even tell you how jealous i am!!! saw them last night in dixon, most amazing night of my life.. they definitely are better live than recorded. im doing this next time i see them, thanks for the tips haha

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