a cat on edge

Killer here.

Please make it stop. Please. PLEASE! You know what I’m talking about. Those incessant posts on Facebook asking for money. She won’t quit talking about it at home either. Who the f#$* cares about sick, starving children in some god-awful country far away? There is a starving cat right here. Her name is ME! I may look like I’m well-fed but that’s only because I’m big-boned.

That’s pure muscle right there.

So please, just donate to her stupid thing so that she’ll shut up. I’m going to jump out the window if I have to hear her talk anymore. Try to put a few extra dollars in the Paypal one, hopefully she’ll be nice and buy me some treats, or at least not ration my food so selfishly.

I’m exhausted. Do you know how long it takes to type this up using two paws, it’s ridiculous. Please help, I have to go lie down.

Outreach 360:





Screw you,




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