Inspirational Post About Inspiring Some Inspiration

I’m no good at writing inspiring words. I’m better at funny. Sometimes witty. Or translating what I know the cat is trying to say to me. But I’ve only raised half of the money I need to go to Nicaragua. So I’m going to let Glennon from Momastery do the talking.

She wrote a beautiful post in May about two different families, one a women with ALS who was basically homebound and couldn’t even take her special needs child to his doctors appointments, and was desperately in need of a van able to accommodate her wheelchair. The other was a women diagnosed with stage 4 lung, bone and liver cancer whose car was a lemon. I see news reports, homeless people, and read stories similar to this all the time – so I’m sort of jaded. We’re all a little jaded. As much as I want to – I can’t help everyone, or solve everyone’s problems. But something about the way Glennon had written about these two families inspired me to make the maximum $25 donation. It was that simple, took just a few moments, and my bank account barely noticed. Fifty-one hours later, Glennon updated everyone that they had raised  $82,000! It just took a bunch of people, helping in such a small way, to make a HUGE difference. Both of the families were able to get brand new vans and it changed their lives in extraordinary ways.

Now, I don’t know the children I’m going to be meeting in Nicaragua. So I can’t tell you who they are, what their hardships are, how they live, or what their favorite game to play or book to read is. But I just know I’m going to like them. I know I’m going to love going on this trip, meeting the people in the community and helping in any way that I can.

All I really know is that I have raise $800 (at $425 now) and a list of things that the program suggests bringing and a wonderful teacher-sister-friend to help me create some amazing projects for these kiddos to do.

So head over to Momastery, let her give you some inspiring words, and then transfer that feeling back over to me.

To help me meet the donation requirement…

Once that reaches $800 and you want to help me buy school supplies, food and books, send you’re moolah over here.




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