DIY Frame Redo

I rescued this beauty at the flea market yesterday where she had been thrown to the back of a pile of frames. But I saw what she could become, so I dragged her big butt all the way on the subway.

Here’s her before shot.

The hardest part of this was getting the back off of it. All the nails were rusted, put in crooked, and the heads had been knocked off, so it was near impossible to get them out – especially without a hammer, which I didn’t have. I improvised and used strange furniture-putting-together gadgets, a can opener and whatever else I could find. Finally I just cracked the wood and left the last few nails in there. I washed it with water, windex and a sponge, and boy was it dirtttty.

Then out to the fire escape it went.

It took a couple coats of the black gloss spray paint to get into all the nooks and crannies but eventually it was covered (mostly).


Once dried, I cleaned up the glass and put my Betsey Johnson print in. Since there were still nails sticking out the back and having no hammer, I couldn’t get the back returned to its’ place. So I just left it open…. glass resting in the frame. I also hammered the nail in using a boot.




It’s precariously floating above my bed right now. I think I’ll sleep on the couch tonight.


That’s it! Easy peesy! What should I craft next?


xo ZZ


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