My list of things I’d like to do sooner, rather than later.

I recently stumbled across Bucket List Publications, a blog devoted to all things Bucket Lists. Lesley Carter writes about them, completes them, and helps other to complete their lists. She goes even further than just a measly ‘I’d like to complete this before I kick the bucket’ – she has a yearly list! And it’s no silly list either like your standard New Years Resolutions. This is a bonafide LIST. Here are some things that she has already completed this year alone: See LA from a helicopter, fly a jetpack, see a wonder of the world, take a helicopter flight lesson, deliver her baby!

She’s no millionaire either. With the help of her blog, reviews and good karma she’s managed to explore a lot of the world already. I’m so insanely jealous of her I almost hate her. But obviously that doesn’t do any good. So my first Bucket List item is to become friends with her.  You, Lesley Carter, will be my new blogger BFF by the end of this year.

Doing research for my own list I stumbled across a lot of other peoples lists and realized how many of the reoccurring goals I’ve already done. So first up, here is my already completed Bucket List. (If you’re new here, the links are to posts written when I completed that item, if you’ve been here awhile… you’ve read them).

  1. Zipline through the jungle
  2. Swim with manatees
  3. Giant Slip n Slide
  4. Live in New York
  5. Walk through a waterfall
  6. Jump off a cliff into water
  7. See an Oprah show
  8. Have lunch with a homeless person (I think letting one nap on me is one step further)
  9. Pet a porcupine
  10. Hold a koala
  11. Adopt a cat (I regret this one every time Killer pees on the floor)
  12. Stay in a Japanese onsen
  13. Taking cooking classes (private lessons with an Italian chef, booyah)
  14. Go to a fashion show (work it and see behind the scenes!)
  15. Drink butterbeer
  16. Hot springs in Iceland
  17. Watch the sunrise/sunset on the ocean
  18. Hold a sloth and wild cat
  19. Walk on an iceberg

Check, check, check, check and check.

Now onto my To-Do Bucket List. I’m not even go to say in 2012, or even in one year, but I would like to do some of these a lot sooner than later.

  1. Ride an elephant/elephant shower (One not tethered by chains and being poked)
  2. Ride a motorcycle
  3. Reach 10,000 views a month on blog
  4. Get a job with Oprah
  5. Go to an Ellen show taping
  6. Swim with otters
  7. Open my own business
  8. Learn to paddleboard
  9. Learn to at least stand up on a surf board, I won’t take it so far as saying Learn To Surf, I have to be realistic here. And yes, swimming with otters is a realistic goal!!
  10. Get scuba certified
  11. Build a cardboard box and or blanket fort
  12. Floss everyday. Seriously its just soo hard
  13. Get over my stupid fear and ride a horse
  14. Do the splits
  15. Raise money to help someone/animals in needs
  16. Learn to sew/ make clothing
  17. Learn piano
  18. Get a 2-4 pack. (Abs, not beer) Again, being realistic.
  19. Great Wall of China
  20. Swimming in the Dead Sea
  21. See the Northern Lights
  22. Have lunch with Zach Braff in New York
  23. Go to the Oscars, wear a fancy dress, walk the red carpet
  24. See the Harry Potter set in London
  25. Play Quiddich (they do that sometimes in Central Park)
  26. Own a piece of vintage Chanel jewelry
  27. Go to Bali
  28. Hike Machu Pichu
  29. Spend a weekend in the Hamptons, Great Gatsby style minus the murder.
  30. Complete the Disney Parks, just Disneyland, CA left.
  31. Hmm… maybe complete these 30 by the time I’m 30??

What’s on your bucket list? Or what are some adventures you’ve been on that I must add to mine. (Do NOT tell me skydiving. I can’t even write it down on the list I’m so afraid of it.)

Happy weekending!


13 thoughts on “My list of things I’d like to do sooner, rather than later.

  1. You go girl…I love your scrapbook page. I’m scraplifting it for a page in my album. I’ve always wanted to surf and learn to play guitar. How about a hot air balloon ride. It’s really fun, so quiet and peaceful. I totally agree about sky diving. There is no way I’m ever jumping out of a plane!

  2. Good blog topic hmmmm….see the Pacific Ocean (drive down the Pacific Coast Highway), go to Italy, Greece, Egypt, India, Fiji, Tahiti (and the list for places to see goes on and on..not sure how possible this is), Avoid skydiving at all costs!!! ha ha! Snag Ryan Gosling..oh wait scratch that… I know there is much much more but have never really thought about anything or wrote it down…but now you got me thinking 😀

  3. This was very interesting to read about. You can tell as much about a person by the things they do, that you can by the things they wish they could do. Off the top of my head, some things I want to do before I kick it…

    1. Perform a marriage (Check!)
    2. Release a Blues album
    3. Write a book
    4. Hike the Triple Crown (or at least the Continental Divide)
    5. Live on a desert island
    6. Build my own house
    7. Fall in love (for real)
    8. See China
    9. Master the “Two Heavens” style
    10. Invent something that helps people

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