It’s like Google read your mind!

Everyday when I check the stats on my blog, I scroll through the numbers, how many stalkers, what category is most popular, and which countries people are reading from. I love seeing the country stats especially when it’s places like Russian Federation, Cyprus, Isle of Man – since I couldn’t point those places out on a map if my life depended on it. Though I probably couldn’t point out Bulgaria, Poland or Fiji either, so nevermind.

I’m kind of disappointed no one from Iceland has visited yet, I’m a huge fan of theirs, they could at least reciprocate the love. (Unless I’m looking at the wrong country again?)

But my favorite thing to check out is the “Search Engine Terms”. It’s the crap people type into Google (or Yahoo! or Bing) and somehow they stumble upon NewYorkWhimsy. Sometimes I feel bad for those people who ended up at my site. They were just looking up 1967 silverware and instead they got me rambling on and on about a flea market. I hope it wasn’t a complete waste of their time.

Now, a lot of them are justifiable searches. For instance, one of the most frequent is “Don’t Eat Before Reading This”. If you search that you’re probably looking for the article written by Anthony Bourdain in 1999 in the New Yorker where he reveals the disgusting conditions of a restaurant’s kitchen. Instead you’ll find my post about using scissors to cut the heads off ‘pinkies’. I won’t even link to it, I’m sure no one needs to see that image again.

Tons of people find me from Thairapy365, since I’m constantly spewing off the awesomeness of it. So that one also makes sense. Then there are the times I mention celebrities names – Kardashian, Jake Gyllenhal, Tracey Morgan, Rachel Zoe, Mumford and Sons, etc. and since I have pictures it’s even better.

But my number two search is “Sloth in bed”. Who is searching for this over and over? And why?? When I do the search myself nothing even comes up that matches. There isn’t some person out there who devotes an entire website to pictures of sloths in beds. Though… that’s a great idea. (Patent Pending). Lucky for those searchers, I happen to have some pretty cute pictures of sloths in beds.

Yesterday I had a really strange one that made me giggle. “Liz is going to make Cliff wear panties” Maybe they meant to type that in Facebook, or in their online diary. It’s confusing and in a non-judgmental way, weird. But I’m also intrigued and wish there was a way to find that person who typed that in and get their story. I bet it’s a good one.

Just for fun here’s some other popular searches I get regularly:

monkey picnic

hair torture

we had a blast on memorial weekend blog

no pants in new york stocking

sock torture

boston terrier licking bakery window

sloths kissing

where do you sit a curling wand in your bathroom while hot

stuffed otter for sale taxidermy

do you even notice me

sloth in pajamas

There sure are a lot of people searching for sloths out there, I should hurry up on that ‘Sloths in Bed’ blog. What are some weird things that pop up when you’re searching for something else?

xo ZZ


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