Fashion Week Day 1

If you hadn’t noticed, I’m not in Nicaragua. The trip was cancelled because of the earthquake last week, which then set off a volcano. The town I would have been in, Jinotega has not been affected, but better safe than sorry.

So instead I’m at Mercedes Benz Fashion Week, which means I’m showing strangers my underwear. Maybe I should use the word panties, since we now know that’s a hot word search.

The designer was Edun which was started by Bono (yes, that Bono) and his wife, Ali Hewson, to encourage the fashion industry to do business in Africa. Right now they produce 40% of their clothing there, in 8 different factories, all of which they audit to make sure they follow the brand’s strict code of conduct.

There was lots of security, lots of celebrities, and Alicia Keys was there with her new haircut.

Alicia Keys at Edun

Oh, did I not explain why I showing people my underwear? It wasn’t on purpose. We were in a huge space with two garage doors open that were letting in a huge draft, which led to my dress being flown up every time I walked by. After a while I resorted to tying a hairband around the bottom so that it couldn’t move. I looked a bit like an idiot. I guess it was better than the other scenario though…

Anyways, here’s a few pictures I grabbed during the show.

Run-through. Someone should start the trend of wearing playing cards pinned into your hair, I like it.


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