What I’ve Been Up To

I know I’ve been MIA, for like 2 weeks now. I started an internship last week with an organic activewear designer. It’s a small company, the designer and husband live in Germany, while the office manager and I work from Hoboken, NJ. We’re in an old, run-down building, full of other artsy people. There’s a party planner, a wallpaper maker, photographer, a gym with no machines. All of the clothes are in the room with us, and we personally pack and ship each order. So it’s fun being on the ground floor of a company, basically getting to make big decisions, and attempting to create big opportunities.

The only downside is my commute. I guess I am officially a New Yorker if I’m commuting away from Manhattan. It starts with my 7 minute walk to the subway, a very crowded ride to Union Square, transfer to another train, and one more transfer to the PATH train that takes me to New Jersey (which means another $2.25). Once I arrive in Hoboken, I have a mile walk to the office. There is probably a bus, but I haven’t been cold enough to figure it out. So an hour and 20 minutes, and $4.50 later, I am at work. (yes, that’s $9 a day to get to work, why did I think getting rid of my car was a good idea??)

Other than spending most of my time reading on the train, I’ve been playing with strange kittens all over NY, hanging out in Brooklyn, chillin’ with Chris Columbus, and dangerously entangling myself in twine for the cats’ sake.

Let’s get to the pictures!

These cats purred like those stuffed animals that purred when you shook them. so cute.

Kitties waiting to be adopted.

Pole before

During, it was really annoying that the roll wouldn’t go around the pipe, so I had to unravel the entire thing. 

Scout checking it out

I haven’t convinced her to climb all the up and do a back-flip yet… but we’ll get there.

View from Brooklyn

Just hanging with Christopher Columbus

There’s a story behind this, that involves surfing indoors. But I’ll probably write about it on the work blog, so when it’s up, I’ll update with the link.


Comments about how much you’ve missed me, GO!


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