C is for Delicious F@#$ing Cookies

On my walk to work everyday I pass by Carlo’s Bakery. As in, the Cake Boss, Buddy. I’ve seen the show a couple times, he makes very nice looking cakes, but I really didn’t know what all the hubub was about. There is a line out the door all day long. In the summer time, the line goes down an entire block. Just to have a cupcake or a rugelach! I really like sweets… but I just don’t think I would wait that long to try a celebrity cookie. I once went to Magnolia’s bakery because it was on Sex and the City, there was also a huge line there… and the cupcakes ended up being just so-so. Or maybe my disdain for waiting in line tainted my cupcake’s flavor.

But I’m not gonna knock-it till I try it.

There was only about a 10 person line today, so I grabbed a number and chatted with the doorman. When asked if Buddy ever shows up here he said “oh no, he’s too famous for that. he’s usually at the warehouse a few blocks away where they make the cakes. the closest you’ll get to him is on tv or that cardboard cutout”.

Finally my number was called and I picked out a few different treats, which they then nicely wrapped up in cute packaging, something I always appreciate.

I then booked it straight to brother’s place so that he could partake in the cookie review process. I tried to get Belle to participate, but she thought I was tricking her.

Turns out, these sweets are f*$#ing delicious. Holy s#$t they are yummy! The chocolate chip one was practically cookie dough it was so soft. And the rugelach, which I don’t normally love, what fan-freaking-tastic. Even the gross looking raspberry Linzer cookie was good, good enough that brother polished off the entire thing.

So… I guess if you’re looking for me, you’ll find me standing in a line of tourists outside Carlo’s Bakery, dammit.

xo ZZ


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