Pump up the Trends! Episode 1: SurfSet

Trends come and go so quickly. We’ve done them all. We starved ourselves with no carbs. Most of us wore fanny packs and Jellies at least once. And we have all flattened our hair until it’s straight as a pin. There are some we love, and others that we cringe when we think back on.

Even fitness has trends. One day you’re Sweatin’ to the Oldies, and the next you’re shaking you booty to Latin music. Right now, it’s all about donning your most chic tutu in a Barre class, wearing the shortest shorts in Pole-dancing, and even surfing out of water.

So I thought I’d head to the gym and try out these trendy new fitness activities. I’ll be keeping you updated on the latest and greatest crazes, so check back often to find out whether I fell asleep in the quiet, candle yoga class or fell off my surf board in the gym.

For my first trendified workout, I headed over to Chelsea Piers Sports Center. It’s the temporary home to SurfSet, where founder, Mike Harwick and fitness expert, Sarah Ponn have set up shop. They are going lightning speed, teaching classes at Chelsea Piers, appearing on the Steve Harvey show, striking a deal on Shark Tank, and are about to leave on a 22 city tour to give demos and do training certifications.

I’ve always wanted to try surfing, but have never gone for it, for fear of drowning, being eaten by a shark, hitting my head on a rock like in every surfing movie, or just general humiliation if I am never able to stand up on the board. So when I read about Surfset, I thought it was the perfect chance to try out this water sport, away from the beach and all the irrational dangers. Except now my worries were that I would still fall off and there would be no water to gently catch me (and a room full of people watching).

Turns out, everyone falls off.

The equipment is a surf-board type thing, which sits on three balance pods that give it its instability. There are pulley handles at the top for resistance. We started with a quick intro to the board. How to stand on it, find your center, paddle, and jump off, on and up. Then the music started going and the wall was covered in a projection of beautiful images, waves crashing, African dancers, and breathtaking waterfalls.

zoey 1

You can do any kind of movement on this board, and it’s made harder by the fact that you’re on an unstable surface. But I liked for my first class that they stuck to surfer moves. It gave me something to focus on besides how exhausting this class was. (In surfer lingo, I’m a Barney).

We laid on our stomachs and paddled while the teacher shouted, “hurry, get to the wave before everyone else, you’re going to miss it!” Then we did a ‘duck dive’, pretending like we were diving under a wave. “Jump up!” where we then, in one swift move, have to jump to our feet and stay on the board like we caught a wave. Cowabunga, dudes.

I think this class is going to be more than a trend. It’s great for those who want a full-body intense workout, but you could also do an entire yoga class on the boards for an added core workout. I was so sore the next day, I don’t think I’ve ever worked out that part of my shoulders before.

My one suggestion, make sure you get a pedicure before you go – it’s a shoe-less and sock-less class.

What classes have you been wanting to know about? I’ll go test it out for you!


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