The Most Dramatic Hurricane Ever

Thank you to everyone who called, texted, checked in, and generally thought about me nicely the past few days. My ears have been-a-burnin’.  If you have been alive the past few days, you’ve probably heard about Sandy, a.k.a. Frankenstorm, also known as the Perfect Storm, or as the newscasters would have you think, the Everyone-is-About-to-Drown-Because-the-End-of-the-Freaking-World-is-Upon-Us, Storm. (Although, not for them apparently…they can stand on a pier that is about to be washed out to sea, because they need to update us minute-by-minute about said pier that is about to wash away. Can you tell I think they’re a tad dramatic?)

Though half of the city is without power, flooded, and covered in upside down, drowning cars – we on the upper east side have been basically unaffected by the storm. I feel terrible for the people who have lost everything, are staying in shelters, and can’t walk down the street because of the high water. We are only a mile away from it, but it’s like it isn’t happening to us. If we turned off the TV, we wouldn’t even know any of that was happening.
The only inconvenience for us is that everything is closed, the trains aren’t running, and we’re stuck with my dad for even longer! Though, I guess the last one isn’t so bad…especially with all the dining out and Broadway shows…oh, and I probably can’t go to work for 10 days. I. am. so. upset.
So, instead of spending every second museuming and shopping, we’ve been staying indoors or checking out all the hurricane damage. (And spending most seconds shoving food down our throats until we can’t move. Like real Zimbicki’s.)

Even though the hurricane has passed, it’s still gloomy outside.

The city took away, or turned over most of the street trash cans so that debris would not make a bigger mess. Apparently some people just can’t wait to throw away their coffee. 

The dangling crane. 

We took the few days of being stuck indoors to paint our nails, carve pumpkins, clean house, and stay in pajamas all day.

Here’s out inspiration for our Hilarie and I’s pumpkins: Jungle and Belle

Can’t you see the resemblance?? It’s like a professional did these.

Happy Halloween!

xo ZZ


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