Halloween Tricks and Treats

Goul-morning, Halloweenies. It’s not to late to add a little spice to your nails for tonight’s (or this weekend’s) haunting festivities. I couldn’t decide whether I wanted ‘Nightmare Before Christmas’ themed nails or skeletons. Then I remembered who I am, and that I don’t have the skills, or tools, to do an entire, intricate painting on my thumb.

Even with minimal experience, I managed to pull off some cute stuff with the help of Hilarie. The cats were pretty easy to do. It just required a steady-ish hand for the ears. For the eye slits, I pressed my nail into the semi-wet, yellow eyes.

I’m only painting small, furry animals on my nails from now on. Seriously, how cute are these!! I wonder how hard a sloth would be… 

Also, in Halloween related news – if you’re a lazy bum who has yet to carve your pumpkin, you can use to it workout! It makes a great weight for upper-body workouts and squats.

When you’re done you can reward yourself by eating the pumpkin seeds. This year we seasoned with Texas steak seasoning and honey. It’s the perfect combo of salty, spicy and sweet. Win-win-win.

I hope everyone gets to be whoever they want to be tonight, no matter how old you are, no matter how little clothes it requires you wear. If you want to be a sexy pizza or Big Bird, go for it.

Have a spooktacular day,

xo ZZ


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