My Weekend as a Gilmore Girl

If you’ve ever spent 15 minutes with me, you know I love Gilmore Girls. I’ve seen every episode from the seven seasons more times than I can count. I quote them constantly. Bangalore! can stop any family argument. Lorelei and Rory are like my bible. I think, WWGD? (What would a Gilmore do?) The first pancake theory can be applied to a number of other life challenges. If I just want a little of something, I whisper it.    peppermint. 

So visiting Yale this weekend was a big deal for me.

But we’ll get to that later… I took the train to Connecticut to visit a friend and see a show put on by A Broken Umbrella Theatre. The company has a long, complicated history of how they started, but their most recent change was in 2008 when they convened in New Haven, CT and decided to rediscover the stories behind their beloved city. Their show last year, Play with Matches, was about the cooky inventor of the matchbook. The year before that, was VaudeVillain, a show centered around a murder mystery that shook the town in 1913, put on in the same neighborhood it happened.

New Haven Public Library

This year, they teemed up with the New Haven Public Library, for The Library Project. The audience is split up into smaller groups, and in choose-your-own-adventure style, you follow your librarian through the library, and through time.

Each of the five rooms has its’ own story to tell, done in one-act. In ‘Noah and Sam’, we meet two friends, dictionary editor, Noah Webster, and communications expert, Samuel Morse. Theirs is a difficult friendship to maintain from their seemingly different view on words. In ‘RIP’ we watch as painter, Salvatore DeMaio, muralist of the Rip Van Winkle stories, discovers that after his death many of his paintings have been destroyed. Like George discovering what life would have been had he not been born.

In my favorite room, ‘Branching Out’, we follow fairies through the lantern-lit bookshelves of the children’s section, and remember why we love libraries so much. The Library Project has ended its’ three-week run, but I highly recommend seeing any future show from the Broken Umbrella Theatre Company.

With several hours before I had to head back to Manhattan, Liz and I feverishly designed a covert plan to get into a Yale dorm room. I tried chatting up Yale students, joining a group tour, and resorted to pulling every gate I saw, with no luck. So, instead we just walked through the open-to-the-public parts.


I saw the grass where Rory stood with friends moments before she graduated college. I got a copy of the Yale Daily News. I stood outside the hermitically sealed library, where I’m sure she studied. I bought a Yale sweatshirt, so I can wear it and pretend I went there. I ate pizza a local Yale restaurant. Even though Gilmore Girls never filmed here, Rory is real to me, so I knew she was once here, walking these hallways, grabbing her coffee,coffee,coffee at the kiosks. Take that, reality!

Yale Master’s house

Yale Sterling Memorial Library

The Hewitt Quadrangle

Beinecke Rare Book and Manuscript Library, largest building in the world reserved exclusively for the preservation of rare books and manuscripts.

Inside Woolsey Hall, performance venue for New Haven Symphony Orchestra, Yale Glee, and other Yale bands.

For 2 days in Connecticut, I got to see quite a lot, get delicious bread from Bishop’s Orchard and eat a fresh, no-fuss, lobster roll. I just can’t wait to go back and find Star Hollows…

xo ZZ


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