Makin’ Sweat Sexy with 305 Fitness

Do you love dancing, but hate strange men grinding on you uninvited? Do you dance while you’re home alone, but once out in public you’re too embarrassed to show off your moves? Do you dread the ringing in your ears at the end of a night out from the terribly loud speakers? Do you wish your favorite hot spot would have a “pajamas and flats night” so that you wouldn’t have to squeeze yourself into that oh-so-short dress and those blister-inducing heels? Are you going to SCREAM if your Zumba instructor plays “Waka Waka” one more time? I love Shakira as much as the next, but pick a new song already!

Introducing, 305 Fitness. It’s everything your night out on the town is, minus the pain-in-the-ass parts, with a super-sassy friend leading the way. Twenty-three year old founder, Sadie Kurzban, brings her Miami roots to the gym, to make sure people are having fun during their workout, and “sweatin’ sexy”.

305 is held in a few different places, the night I went, it was at a swanky loft in Flatiron. Fred, the bartender was there serving just-made smoothies, and DJ Jeff Haze was spinning the 1’s and 2’s while the lights flashed and strobbed around the room. It was definitely a fun, party atmosphere.

The dancing is a mix of Zumba, club and burlesque. No reason to be shy here. Sadie lets her freak flag fly, showing off her cleavage, humping the wall, and booty dancing on the photographer. That was probably my favorite part of the class, Sadie’s interaction with everyone individually. There is no correcting your posture, only coming over to shimmy in your face.  She shows that she’s just another gal pal dancing the night away with you, showing you some new moves.

So go grab your fiercest workout outfit (I wore the strappy Corfu top and my favorite capris) and get to sweatin’ sexy! This is a class you can’t miss!

xo ZZ


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