Crafty Christmas Wrappings

There are a lot of us in my family, which means a lot of presents to buy. At the end of Christmas, we fill up our vans full of our new stuff and shove it into a corner of our already over-stuffed homes. So this year I initiated Secret Santa.  We were each given one name so that you could spend more time, thought, money, whatever on that one person. It turned out to be not-so-secret though, because I emailed everyone whose name they drew, and had to tell my SS they had drew me. Julian, it better be good!

Once I had found the perfect gift my giftee, I decided since I only had one present to wrap this year, I’d make it pretty and special.  I googled and pinterested pretty wrapping ideas, but my attempt at them was a failure. Apparently my wrapping skills were rusty because I ripped the paper, the corners aren’t folded neatly and the ribbons just look okay. I was too frustrated at the end, I finally settled on adding a special glittery tag to the box.


I picked up two very small things for some friends, so I figured I’d dust my ego off and try my hand at this fancy wrapping again. I scoured the house for arts and crafts supplies, and luckily someone is a hoarder who saves every piece of vintage wrapping paper, faux flowers, ribbons, boxes, rubber bands – you name it, it’s in this house.


Then came the two presents for my parents’ giftees. Two presents turned into four, which turned into about 14, and I was a present wrapping fool. I individually wrapped the limbs of a stuffed animal, covered one in rubber bands, and got a little sadistic with one (packing tape, wrapping paper, bag, styrofoam, box-in-a-box type thing).




I hand-pinned sequins into the top of this box.




It’s CatMan to the Rescue!!


I obviously have way to much time on my hands…

Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays, Ya’ll.

xo ZZ


2 thoughts on “Crafty Christmas Wrappings

  1. Just taking a wild guess, but will cats be making a return to 15501 ave of the arbors for Liz? Props for SCOUTing out a KIlLER idea 🙂

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