Hand-tooled leather bracelets

I know I may seem like this uber-cool, stylish, city slicker, but I am just as comfortable on a farm in Tennessee. If I’m using the word city slicker, I’m probably not a true New Yorker yet. I also ate as few bits as possible of the drenched-in-butter, southern food near the farm – so I guess I’m somewhere in between.

During the Christmas holiday, the family and I spent a day at my uncle’s farm, riding horses, dirt bikes and chasing cats.



Tig and Floyd

Tig and Floyd

When it got to be too cold, I’d sneak inside the shop and fiddle around with the tools. As soon as the mallet hit the stamping tool to reveal a perfect indention in the leather, I was hooked. My friend Catie and I came back the next day to get a lesson from Uncle K on hand-tooling leather.

Working on my first bracelet

Working on my first bracelet

The result!

The result!

Next I wanted to try something a little more complicated.

Working on my first bracelet

Concentrating so hard on not messing up this basketweave (which I just noticed I did in one place)


Catie working on her own bracelet

Catie working on her own bracelet


I finally got the groove of the tools (mostly) and set off on making the rest. Can you tell I really love the Bluebird Cafe bird?



I know, I know, my bracelets are the best thing you’ve ever seen, but check out Kelly’s real masterpieces:


iPad cases! How country-chic is this!


And just for your viewing pleasure, some flowers he did on scrap pieces of leather.



Go check out his etsy page at HorseCornerSaddles, he’s only got a couple items up, but he can make you anything you want.

Alright, now who wants a hand-tooled leather bracelet by me??


6 thoughts on “Hand-tooled leather bracelets

  1. I personally love the “HOPE” bracelet. 😉 And seriously, what doesn’t Kelly do…he is like the ultimate country man.

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