the event of a thread

I don’t always get art. I can walk through a museum totally unaffected, rushing past all the symbolism, historical aspects, and political pieces. How someone could look at Guernica and interpret all that Picasso was expressing is beyond me, but impressive. I like art that makes me stop and look. Stare. 

Like the recent installation at Park Ave Armory, the event of a thread. I stupidly put it off until the last weekend, so the line was wrapped about the block. Literally, wrapped about 4 corners of a city block. We probably only ended up waiting 45 minutes or so to get in, but once you’re in, you can stay until it closes. Which we did.

The installation by Ann Hamilton has a myriad of ideas happening at once, all of which represent the rich history of the Armory’s Drill Hall. Upon entering you find artists reading into a microphone (which are actually radios, and can be heard through the paper bags throughout the room). There are the caged homing pigeons, that are released into the room at the end of the day. At the other end, a women sits below a convex mirror and writes down whatever comes to mind.



photo by Dan Freshman

But the main draw is the intricate maze of ropes, swings and the large piece of fabric the swingers send billowing, rising and falling. It’s mesmerizing from whichever way you watch it – on a swing, lying below, or from the second floor balcony.







photo by Dan Freshman



photo by Dan Freshman

If they hadn’t of shuffled us out after the singer’s performance and the pigeon release, I could stayed there many more hours watching, staring at the fabric in slow motion above me. This was art I could understand without explanation and appreciate, even enjoy.

xo ZZ


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