Thairapy 365 World’s Fastest Flat Iron Review + Giveaway

Recently, Thairapy sent me their flatiron to try out and one for you readers. Since I already have pin straight hair it doesn’t make a huge difference on mine, except for two things. The first is that is makes it really shiny and straighter – it takes the flyaways and other frizzy pieces that have happened while blowdrying and makes them sleeeeek. It also makes my luscious locks feel super soft. Like petting this puppy soft.

Really all their products do that. Sometimes if my hair is feeling dry, I’ll use the curling iron just to get it feeling smoother. They have some magic trick that makes it this way (they claims it’s something-infrared-TT5, but I don’t know what that means) so I’m sticking with magic.


For my last giveaway, winner Pamela got the flat iron and recently updated me on how it’s been working. It normally takes her about 15-20 minutes to straighten her hair, and with Thairapy – it took only 10. I’d say that deserves the name ‘world’s fastest’ – especially with the amount of hair this girl has!



Another plus for her was the weight, it’s much lighter than her old straightener, which means her hand doesn’t cramp up nor does her arm tire.Β And the cherry on top: she figured out how to use the ‘curl feature’ on it. I didn’t even know that existed? When I asked her hair she did it, she said “You just twist your wrist towards the end of your hair – it makes a nice ringlet.” So, there’s your tutorial.

and After!

and After!

If that’s not enough convincing with the puppy hair and the beautiful, straight, bouncy hair of Pamela – then I can’t help you.

Or maybe I can…

I’m giving away another Thairapy 365 ‘World’s Fastest Flat Iron‘. To enter, follow me, and leave a comment about…whatever you want. Favorite dog show breed? Favorite conditioner?(I need a new kind). What your resolution was this year, and how its been going?

Seriously, as long as I see that you left some typing in the comments section, I’ll know you want this thing.

Giveaway ends: Sunday, February 24, 2013 at 12 noon. Β  Winner randomly picked, Congrats Evelyn! Please send your address to me at

xo ZZ


34 thoughts on “Thairapy 365 World’s Fastest Flat Iron Review + Giveaway

  1. Well, if its anything like what you’ve used on my hair in the past, I have no doubt the product is fantastic!! And my dad just bought us a new horse named Pedro! He’s another GIANT black Walking Horse with beautiful long hair in his mane and tail. Maybe he could use it, too! πŸ™‚

  2. Wow! Your hair looks beautiful. Your hair looks as if there was no heat damage. My favorite conditioner is any of those created by Lush. They are pretty good. Fingers crossed that I can win. I followed you via email!

  3. While my hair is straight, it needs major help. Today I put my hair in spin pins for a nice and casual looking side bun. When I took the pins out, it had the slightest baby wave at the ends. I would love more curl to hold in my hair. Maybe if I won this straightner I would have a new favorite hair toy then the spin pins… πŸ™‚

  4. Wow.. the flat iron really made Pamela’s hair shine! My favourite conditioner is the Argan Oil one from Renpure, It smells delicious, and is paraben,sulfate, and dye free. I high recommend it! it leaves your hair feeling extremely soft. I actually have a flat iron of my own, that I bought from the drugstore, but because the material it is made of is so bad quality, it leaves my hair feeling dry even when I use heat protectant. So I would love to win this straightener, so I can have great results like Pamela! πŸ™‚

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  9. Wow! Great post! And gorgeous results! If that flat iron can produce even half those results on my hair, my life will change!!! You can even see frizz in my professional photos! o.O Thanks for entering me in the contest πŸ˜‰

  10. love the before and after!! I never treat myself to beauty products and I deserve it!!!! My roomate always steals my straightener….me me me me- maybe if i had smooth unfrizzy hair i could get a dude….or maybe ill just move to williamsburg and rock the frizz head look

  11. Your grandfather used to play with his string quartet in various museums. At one point he was rehearsing for a performance in the central plaza of the Isabel Stewart Gardner Museum in Boston when he and Barbara realized they had been locked in. Barbara spent the next two hours fantasizing about which art works to pack up with her. She knows that no one would have ever known but didn’t stick anything in her pockets (that we know of). Glad you have had the same experience at MOMA. Next time I would like to place an order for any Henri Rousseau painting.

  12. Good reviews! I am a shampoo and conditioner junkie! If you are looking for a good one for processed or coarse or simply dry hair, try Living Proof restore conditioner. However the shampoo is not a favorite of mine. Leaves my hair an odd texture. For shampoo I use phytocitrus shampoo for colored hair or Oribe signature shampoo, which is amazing but sooo pricey. For drugstore buys, the new Loreal clinically tested shampoos and conditioners are surprisingly good. I have noticed a significant difference in the strength and smoothness of my hair πŸ™‚

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