Attack of the Beanies: DIY Jeweled Beanies


If someone let me be in charge of the newspaper headlines last week, it would have read, “ATTACK OF THE BEANIES!!” (But, really, no one is stupid enough to let me near their newspaper. Can you imagine all the kitten related stories I would publish?) Anyways, Beanies are taking over the world. They are everywhere on the streets of NY. Women are dripping in designer clothing, Louboutin heels on their feet, and top the whole thing off with a hideous beanie. People are wearing them inside like they are necklaces. Even designers covered the beautifully done hair of the models, and sent them down the runway! That’s blasphemy to me. Beanies are meant for skiiers or robbers. No exceptions.

I was pretty hard pressed on this opinion until I saw Candela adorn theirs with vintage headbands.


Fine, I’ll be a glittering robber.

I scoured Brooklyn up and down but had no luck finding an art deco headband, or even a broach that was pretty enough. So I headed to MOOD to find some muslin and beads to make my own.

Instead I found an entire section of crystal, beaded, lace, wedding gown trim. It was impossible picking which one I liked best (especially since they ranged from $49-$150/yard). I also found Swatch.  (If you want to make one with beads, check out this DIY by Honesty WTF).



Swatch the Mood store dog

The left is the trim I chose, then used tiny scissors to cut off parts of it to make a better shape.


I stretched it out on a football so I would sew it on in the right place. Today I learned, my head is the exact size of a football.


The final product – I’m in love.

IMG_5683 IMG_5684

Beanie-wearers of the world, you now have my permission to continue wearing your hats – carry on.

xo ZZ


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