Thairapy365 Tri-Curl Clipless Curling Iron + Giveaway

You know how I’m obsessed with Thairapy365 products… Oh, you hadn’t heard? Well, here – check these out first then.

Original Curling Iron.  An Almost Hair Tutorial.  Blowdryer.   World’s Fastest Flat Iron.

I didn’t think I could love anything more than my original Thairapy Clipless Iron, until I found out they made a new and improved one! Seriously, they made an already perfect tool even better. (Like if my cat could clean her own litter box. That would really be the life… )

Instead of the one size barrel, it comes with THREE interchangeable barrels. So now I can make tiny curls or big soft ones. Blah, Blah, Blah, I won’t go on and on about the technology and all of its features, all I care about is that it works.

New pictures using all three barrels.

NYW T365

My friend Allyson has super curly hair, so I love using Thairapy’s tools to see it transform.

Thairapy365 Thairapy365


Update: Thairapy365 wants to give one of YOU a Tri-Curl Clipless Curling Iron! Aren’t they the best?? To enter, leave a comment below about your worst haircut. (Mine was when my mom had the hairdresser give me a bowl-cut…I’m still mad about it).

Random winner will be picked March 20th at midnight.

Update 2: Giveaway Over!

xo ZZ


21 thoughts on “Thairapy365 Tri-Curl Clipless Curling Iron + Giveaway

  1. Say whattttt?!?! This is too good to pass up 🙂 Have had many unfortunate haircuts when I was younger but the one that takes the cake is when I was in 2nd grade. Very short (mid-ear) with it shaved in the back. I know… wth was I thinking?! I was confused for a boy for over a year because my hair refused to grow. I have a pic and wish I could post on here to share, lol!

  2. Worst haircut- the time it was almost too short to pull back and I thought I was going to die because I wear it back most of the day everyday. Maybe with the new tool I won’t have to… 😉

  3. My worst haircut is no one’s fault but my own. In 8th grade I wanted cute hipster pig tails. You know, short hair in two, low stuby ponys? Imagine awkward little Amanda rushing for the bus and my little nubs of hair just didn’t look cute this way, sticking out all over. So I grabbed paper cutting scissors to make the hairs straight while they were all rubber banded. When I took them out that night I cried at my hack job. My mom being furious goes without saying.

  4. My worst haircut was when I talked my Naunie into giving me a pixie cut with a rat tail when I was 8 or 9 years old. It was terrible I looked like a little boy!!!

  5. How this brought back a bad memory lol…my mom cut my long hair into what she called a ‘pixie’ cut…well, everyone thought I was a boy…it was horrible!!!!

  6. Awesome giveaway! Thank you!
    My worst hair cut was when i was in 3rd grade. Ive always had long hair, usually down to my waist. Every year, id get it cut off a couple inches past my shoulders. My mom decided she was gonna cut my hair. Well, she couldnt get my hair straight. She kept cutting, and cutting, and cutting. I had super short hair! I hated it! It took so long to grow back out. My dad and brothers hair was longer than mine and they keep it pretty short. Worst time, was going to school with it. Kids can be cruel.
    Thanks again for the awesome giveaway! Its very much appreciated!

  7. My worst cuts have been when I left looking like Rod Stewart from the 80’s – the short & spiky on top, longer & straight in the back. Not once have I ever requested this, so I’m not sure how it has happened multiple times at multiple salons.

  8. My worst haircut was when I was about 14. i was in middle school, and it was the day before picture day. my mom decided to cut my hair instead of going to a salon because she thought she could do a good job. I had crooked bangs, and such uneven hair, it was horrible. she even ended up cutting off over 4 inches when I didn’t want it any shorter! it was so horrible!

  9. It seems like a lot of people have the story of having short boy cut styles (or lack of style). While I did have that, the most memorable haircut was one that I witnessed. I was in 4th grade and my friend and I were playing with nickolodian gook (it was a gross slimy kind of stuff) and made a hat out of it. She put it on her head and it got stuck so I watched her cut it out if her hair. She had the top of her head only 2 inches long and the rest was past her shoulders. I can’t believe I just remembered that.

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